Society Constitution

Name of the Organisation

The Society shall be known as Melksham Gardeners' Society. (Hereafter called the Society)



The furtherance of gardening knowledge, plant cultivation and techniques including organic methods, considering the environment and local wildlife.

Through the medium of meetings, lectures, discussions, demonstrations, visits to nurseries, gardens, shows/exhibitions etc, bulk buying, and plant swops.


Area of Benefit

The Club is open to the residents of Melksham and District.

Other people, who live elsewhere, may become members of the Society at the discretion of the committee. Visitors may also attend talks, visits and social occasions upon making the required payment, subject to space being available.



As affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) the Society is able to access their discounted rates for insurance. Public liability insurance will be provided through the RHS. At the time that we require insurance for cups, trophies, equipment etc, that will also be provided through the RHS.



Membership of the Society is open to residents and visitors of Melksham and District. People from outside the area are to be allowed to become members of the Society at the discretion of the committee. There is to be an annual subscription for individual members: the amount to be discussed by the committee and voted on at the AGM with a view to being implemented the following year. Membership subscriptions fall due at the AGM. There is to be a nominal charge, set and reviewed by the committee, for members and visitors attending meetings. This is to be paid at each meeting attended.



The management of the Society will be by a committee, elected at the AGM. The committee is to comprise of 3 officers (Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary) plus others, with a minimum of 5 forming a quorum. The officers and committee shall be elected annually at the AGM. The committee may co-opt members as the occasion requires. The committee will hold meetings as the need arises.



Accounts should be kept of the Society's financial transactions. These accounts should be made available to view, on request, by anymember.

Money belonging to the Club is to be kept in Bank accounts. A cash float is to be carried by the Treasurer.

Administration of the accounts is to be carried out by the Treasurer.

Cheques are to be signed by any two of the four signatories. The four signatories are to be the Officers (Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary) and one other committee member.

The Society is not allowed to be overdrawn on any of its accounts.

A Treasurer's report is to be made annually at the AGM and at committee meetings when requested.

An auditor will be appointed annually by the committee, the auditor shall not be a member of the committee.

The Society's financial year shall run from 1st March to 28th (29th in a leap year) February.



There is to be an Annual General Meeting, to be held in the March of each year for the purpose of:-

Receiving a report of the Society's activities for the past year.

Receiving the audited accounts and financial reports.

Electing a committee and officers for the forthcoming year.

Deciding upon any proposal or matter duly submitted to the committee beforehand.



Any decision to dissolve the Society should be presented by the committee to the members at either the AGM or an Extraordinary General Meeting to discuss the same so that all members as are present may be part of the final decision.

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